Overlaying pictures over video for video converter

Наложение картинок поверх видео для видео-конвертера Added the option to overlay pictures over the video in the video converter settings.

A video converter is available

Доступен видео-конвертер1) Videos are put in the general queue for conversion.
2) Payment is for the time spent by the service on video conversion
3) You can choose the multiplier that sets the upper limit of conversion cost, all videos in the common queue are sorted according to the multiplier
4) Video with the highest multiplier (at the top of the list) is the first to be launched.
5) Immediately after startup, the conversion cost of the entire video is calculated more accurately and the multiplier is corrected downwards (relative to other videos in the queue) to avoid unnecessary expenses.
6) Videos stopped by the user that were in the process of conversion are paid for on the basis of the time spent on their conversion until they are stopped (be careful).
7) The cost of conversion is calculated according to the formula Hours * Stand.tariff * multiplier.
8) The standard rate can be changed at any time by the administrator (especially at the first time after launch), so you should pay attention to it before launch. Read more

We accept Bitcoin

Now when extending the service or buying premium traffic for payment is accepted Bitcoin.
Принимаем Bitcoin.

Time is Money

Время - ДеньгиAs the saying goes: time = money !

I have added the function of independent change of the current tariff to the service. When the tariff is increased, the term of the account expiry decreases and vice versa.

The function is free with restrictions:
- After increasing the tariff, you can decrease it in 24 hours.
- To reduce the tariff, you need the place occupied by your files to fit into the desired tariff.

Recalculation is done so, first recalculate the remaining time of the account in money according to the current tariff, then the money is recalculated in a new time for the account at the new tariff and its price.

Meet the automation of posting

Встречайте автоматизацию постинга

Important improvement on the service


Automation of operations

Forum Details.

As I promised, I finally finished the basic functionality of operations automation. Now, the concepts of an action plan (abbreviated as "plan") are introduced. Each plan includes a sequence of actions. each action has input variables and outputs. Variables are of 3 types: files, references, texts. There is also an action "generate a post" which generates a ready-made post from the text variables according to a text template
. Read more

We are open!

Мы открылисьWe are open! smile

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